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Water level indicators, controllers, sensors, home automation remote controlled electrical wall switches are the specialities of SEA


SEA THE CONTROLLERS has been manufacturing high quality products since 1993.
Although SEA is recognized for its quality products like Telephone Extra Ringers, Tone-Pulse Dial
Conversion Kits but our focus has changed to power and resource saving devices like Automatic Water Level Controllers/Indicators and Water Overflow Alarms, remote controlled wall switches, rapid mobile chargers for mobiles etc and we are putting more efforts to make our home (read Earth) a better place to live.

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We at seathecontrollers.com recognize the need of customers rather than the market itself, because we believe it is the customer not the market who changes the trend, our WLI( water level indicators and controllers) are aimed at benefiting our customers by being easy on the pocket, environment friendly and hassle free, that is why our products so easily installable that any novice user without any knowledge of electricity or electronics can install our products easily and has more mobility and control over the level of water in their tanks through automatic motor starting and time based motor starting functionalities.

Our customers are our branding, we get most of our recognition through customer references, we truly believe "OUR CUSTOMER IS OUR "BRANDING". Unlike other companies present in the market, we provide regular yearly and monthly services so that our customer has no problems, that is why our customers are satisfied and so are we.

We are here to hear from you and welcome any complaints and suggestions, to contact us
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