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AC/DC Mobile Phone Chargers for CDMA/GSM Few features of our mobile chargers:

1) Lightweight.

2) Safe and fast recharging.

3) Short circuit and overload protection.

4) Suitable for Ni-cad, Ni-Mh and Lithium-Ion batter-

5) Power LED monitor.

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The feature of our mobile chargers are that our chargers are rapid mobile chargers unlike other inferior quality chargers which flood the market today, our chargers are manufactured to give the correct Voltage and Amp current so that they do not harm your handsets and there is no risk of short circuits.

Our chargers are of superior quality, light weight, has power LED and ensure long battery life and we have chargers for in car charging and DC mobile chargers which can charge with the help of DC batteries.

Attention: All the accessories needed for manufacturing mobile chargers like plastic cabinets, leads of all popular types of mobile phones CDMA/GSM, transformers, printed circuit boards (PCBs), allied components and other mobile charger accessories are available for manufacturers and traders in bulk quantities only.

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