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Remote Controlled Sparkles Wall Switches

Model -001

For: one light On/Off,
one fan On/Off with 5 steps speed

Operation: manual and remote with SMART memory.

Model -002

For: two lights On/Off
two fans with 5 steps speed

Operation: manual and remote with SMART memory.Both models are also compatible with modular plate switches.

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Any electrical switch of any make all over the world when switched ON creates a spark, it is like connecting live wires, that's why you are warned not to switch ON any light while there is a gas leak in the house, people are advised only precautions rather than any solution , on the contrary we have developed such type of electronic switches which are controlled by micro controllers developed by Motorola, which we have integrated with our switches in such a way that they are sparkless, our remote switches have SMART memory so when there is a power failure you don't have to switch ON, your previously operating appliances, which other products available in the market lack.

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